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N2N bodywear

Founded in Los Angeles in 1997, N2N bodywear’s Andrew Makay creates more than great swimwear and underwear; his vision launched an apparel revolution for the gay traveler and adventurous metro-sexual. Whether you are a homosexual or straight-man, N2N will have something to make you feel special, unique and super-appealing to your partner. So many of us spend hours and hours in the gym but we tend to hide behind unappealing and sometimes baggy clothing. N2N is not your typical underwear and swimwear company; it truly embraces the male physique and takes him to the next level of true sex appeal. Mission: To provide the most comfortable, quality apparel to make any man feel masculine, sexy, and confident.   Products available from N2N bodywear are only for men. They include tops, lounge, erotic, swim, underwear, posters and even pride gear for men to wear.

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